Who is Peter Sheppard ?

Who is Peter Sheppard

Stylish women have walked with greater confidence for the past 44 years. Their secret? Peter Sheppard Footwear.

Women are faced with so many pressures – juggling careers, managing family, being the CEO inside the home and climbing the corporate ladder outside the home. There are grandchildren, your own children and for some there are the furry children. There are social engagements, administrative tasks and keeping on top of everyone’s comings and goings – life can be pretty demanding. So when it comes to shopping for shoes, women want the experience to be pleasurable.

Peter Sheppard has spent a great deal of time creating an exclusive shoe shopping experience. Over decades of observing women and analysing their needs he was able to identify four key elements that women find essential in order to find their perfect shoes.

Experience the Fit, service, comfort and quality.


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